• I'm a Computer Science PhD student studying machine learning at UC Irvine (started from Fall 2019), advised by Stephan Mandt.
  • I'm interested in the application of machine learning on multimedia (especially music and video), generative models and computational science. My recent research concentrates on neural-based video compression and generation.
  • I got my bachelor's degree in computer science from NYU Shanghai, where I was advised by Gus Xia (Research on Computer Music) and Hanghui Chen (Research on Computational Material Science).
  • Other interests: Console video games; Soccer; Anime; I used to play Oboe but currently have no time for practice.
Research and Education Experience:
  • 2019/09-Now. PhD Student at UC Irvine. Advisor: Stephan Mandt
  • 2021/06-2021/09. Research intern at Qualcomm AI Research. Working on variable neural video compression.
  • 2018/01-2019/07. Research Assistant at NYU Shanghai. Working on generative model for Computer Music. Advisor: Gus Xia
  • 2017/09-2019/07. Research Assistant at NYU Shanghai. A side project on Material Science. Advisor: Hanghui Chen
  • 2014/09-2018/05. Undergraduate at NYU Shanghai. B.S in Computer Science.
  • 2016/09-2017/05. 1 academic year study-away program at NYU CAS.
Ruihan Yang

Department of Computer Science
University of California, Irvine
California, USA


Plain Academic